The Best e Cigarette in the Market

Electronic Cigarette Smoking

Back in the 60s, battery powered electronic cigarettes were introduced in the market for the first time – a veritable novelty, expected to sell just so. However, the novelty failed to get traction in the market back then, against industry expectations; but over the last decade, e Cigarette have shot up in popularity dramatically, and a huge number of smokers are now switching from regular cigarettes to these modern ones.

Today, in America alone, over 4 million people smoke them, with around 250 brands selling the Best e Cigarette of various flavors. The extensive variety and enhanced nicotine taste are the two major reasons why so many people, especially youngsters, are showing a rising inclination towards this new trend.

Whether you have been smoking e Cigarette for quite a long time or have recently moved to these nicotine devices, you must always be searching for the best e cigarette  in the market. In order to help you find the one of finest quality, here, we are going to talk about some top notch e cigarette brands. Read to discover more.

·        Apollo e Cigarette

The reason why Apollo ecig are highly appreciated by its users is the fact that the company offers flavors and nicotine intensities for all categories of smokers – whether they are beginners, intermediate smokers, or the advanced ones. Moreover, the e liquid used in Apollo e Cigarette is manufactured and packed in their Northern California Lab, under the supervision of professional chemists, who opt for the supreme quality ingredients to maintain its same grate favor and aroma.

·        VaporFi ecigs

So far, the high-tech VaporFi is referred to as the best brand in the United States that offers a wide range of refillable and tank styles. With time, the brand has improved its taste and nicotine concentration, which is attracting fresh smokers. With a stable voltage, ecigs from VaporFi now render a longer battery life and more number of puffs on average. Because of all these advanced features its recent model has received a lot of appreciation from users.

·        V2 Cigs

With reference to V2 Cigs, it is the largest online repository for electronic cigarettes. With ecig of multiple design, color, and shapes such as the pen-style ecigarettes and the typical cigarette shape, the company is mainly known for the fine-quality ingredients used in its e liquid.

So, what is your brand of choice?



Smoking Electronic Cigarettes South Beach Smoke

best e cig
South Beach eCigarette

The Electronic Cigarettes market is far from simple, unlike the way it seems on the outside. It was its own norms and regulations upon which a brand builds its reputation and launches an upgraded version of ecig. In this industry, companies rise and fall all the time, frequently so, but there are some that stand strong no matter what, boasting high sales year after year, with no compromises on quality. One such company is South Beach Smoke, fast increasing in popularity among the young and the old alike.

Overview of the Entire eCig Set

The South Beach Smoke Deluxe Starter Kit consists of two lithium-ion batteries, a 5 pack customizer, and a wall charger. However, the set doesn’t include any USB charger, which seems to be an important need for those who travel frequently. You can buy a USB charger separately or can opt for an expensive kit with a USB charger.

South Beach Smoke Battery Quality

South Beach Smoke is loaded with the intriguingly named SuperMAXX™, which powers the ecigarettes up to 4.2 volts, depending on the customizer being used. On vaping with these, it was found out that the battery has an extra capacity that allows around 300-400 puffs on average. This is probably not the best battery life, but is still above average.

As per the time needed to charge this electronic cigarette from a complete drain, you will need around 3 hours to charge it completely. The battery has two types: the standard one and the extra capacity one. Depending on your need, you can select the appropriate one.

Vapor Production

When it comes to vapor production, the quality of South Beach Smoke is worthwhile. Being one of the Smoking Electronic Cigarettes – South Beach Smoke in the market, it is not going to disappoint you. It will give you the desirable result after a premier puff, with satisfying density and volume of the vapors.

South Beach Smoke doesn’t mention the ingredients of its e liquid on the kit though, but its great taste indicates that it might contain vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol.


As a starter kit, South Beach Smoke is offering this entire set at a very affordable price that is cheaper as compared to its competitors. However, with lower price, the brand is not compromising the quality of the ecigarettes, making it an attractive choice.



Health Risks Associated with Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarette

Within a short time span of a decade only, electronic cigarettes have become a popular alternative for smokers to quit conventional smoking and switch to this safer means of consuming nicotine. Apparently, the battery-powered ecigarettes resemble a typical cigarette, but instead of burning tobacco and nicotine and puffing out smoke, these ecig contain cartridges that are filled with eliquid (vaporized nicotine). When these electronic cigarettes are turned on, the eliquid in the storage portion is carried to the mouthpiece, from where the smoker can inhale its aroma and enjoy the flavor.

The most significant reason why most people are opting for new e cigarette brands is the fact that these advanced ecig, are considered as less harmful, and are less likely to cause chronic diseases as compared to typical cigarettes. Regular cigarettes contain a number of carcinogens or cancer causing chemicals that decrease the life expectancy of smokers and leave them suffering from some deadly diseases, like lung cancer. On the other hand, ecig are said to be less addictive and the e liquid in them, contains fewer chemicals so that they are less injurious to health.

Major Hazards Regarding Smoking Electronic Cigarettes

However, one thing about electronic cigarettes that cannot be overlooked or suppressed is that it has been only a few years since ecig have become widely available in most parts of the United States. Due to this, health professionals haven’t gotten enough time to conduct thorough researches about its effectiveness in terms of replacing typical smoking and its relevant health risks. However, some of the studies about ecig have shown that these battery-powered smoking devices too, can cause potential harmful risks to health.

A recent report from the Food Drug and Administration revealed that most people believe that vaping is a safer means to enjoy nicotine. However, in actuality, the  e liquid in these ecig contains traces of solvents that are considered as lung irritants. The report further said that once consumed, these irritants can transform into something even more hazardous – carbonyls. Further studies have proven that some carbonyl, such as formaldehyde, can also act as carcinogens in the body and can inflict smokers with cancer.

Furthermore, in the initial years of ecigarettes arrival, their nicotine hit was not as powerful as that of typical cigarettes; many users didn’t find them satisfying enough to be selected over conventional smoking. In order to boost their flavor and taste, several e cigarette brands launched improved models with higher and more stable voltage. This feature also resulted in a subsequent health risk. The increase in temperature stimulated a thermal breakage of solvent molecules in the cartridge, making them more likely to produce carbonyls that might act as carcinogens.

The pros and cons of using electronic cigarettes are equally present in front of us; therefore, more proficient studies are required to determine which aspect of ecig is more important than the other.


Electronic Cigarettes Safety

eCigarettes Safety
Electronic Cigarette Parts

Electronic cigarettes are sometimes referred to, as a safer and health-conscious way of smoking cigarettes and consuming nicotine. Those smokers who are keen to control their nicotine consumption switch to these modern cigarettes that are available in different shapes, designs and flavors.

Since ecig are not supposed to be lit, there are obviously, fewer safety precautions that smokers need to observe while smoking them. However, not every fire gives off smoke, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t burn your hand if you go too close. Similarly, as these ecigarettes are being operated on battery power, there are still some safety tips that you should keep in your mind while charging, using, or carrying them.

Electronic Cigarettes Safety Tips for Vaping

In order to help you vape safely, in this post, we have highlighted the most essential Electronic Cigarettes Safety precautions that you should keep in mind, as below:

  1. The atomizer of an ecig is quite similar to an electronic heater, which becomes warmer when used. If you notice that the temperature of your atomizer is increasing, it is recommended to put it down or switch to another one to avoid any burns.
  2. It is advised to cover the mouthpiece of the ecig with a plastic cap to prevent the evaporation of eliquid and accumulation of dust and bacteria on it.
  3. It is always suggested to not leave your electronic cigarette unattended while charging, which is why they should not be charged overnight.
  4. Avoid overcharging or frequently charging your ecig, as it can affect its voltage stability.
  5. It is better to charge your ecigarettes using the charger provided by the manufacturers. But, if you are switching to some other source of charging, ensure that its power rating, threading, and polarity matches with your cigarette.
  6. Avoid charging your ecig device in extreme temperatures and place it somewhere away from kids and pets while charging.
  7. While carrying electronic cigarettes, ensure that they are properly turned off.
  8. While smoking an ecig, if some nicotine eliquid comes into your mouth, spit it out and rinse your mouth with clean water immediately. If the liquid spills on your clothes or skin, clean it with a damp cloth as soon as possible.
  9. Dispose your used cartridge properly.

Are there some other tips that you think beginners should know before stretching their hands towards an electronic cigarette?


Eversmoke Electronic Cigarettes – an Incredible Experience

EverSmoke eCigarettes

The idea as well as the invention of electronic cigarettes is undoubtedly a sign of revolution and innovation. Smoking nicotine via an electronic device is something that the people of old times might had considered impossible and bizarre. But, today, it is a well-accepted and widely used reality.

eCigarettes were initially introduced by the Chinese but nowadays, these modern smoking devices are being manufactured in different parts of the world, especially in the US. With regard to e cig brands, there are several companies that manufacture top quality cigarettes and offer a wide range of flavors. One such leading company amongst them is Eversmoke Electronic Cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes from Eversmoke have a two-piece construction, with a single customizer that is to be refilled once finished. With the passing time, the company is trying hard to equip its ecig with the latest cartridge and battery technology to enhance its customers’ smoking experience.

Read on to discover what other special features the brand includes in its ecig, making them stand out in the market.

Vapor Production – EverSmoke Electronic Cigarettes

With reference to the vapor production ability of Eversmoke electronic cigarettes, the results are quite impressive. The company is using the battery model KR808D-2 that is also used by South Beach Smoke. Due to this high power battery, Eversmoke ecig are able to deliver the same great taste and nicotine hit but at an affordable price.

The Battery Life of Electronic Cigarettes

The battery life of these electronic cigarettes is a feature that makes the brand worthwhile. The company uses the 4.2 volt battery that is used by several other ecig companies. The regular or ‘mini’ battery allows you to enjoy around 250 puffs, while using the high-capacity battery; you can go up to 350 puffs. Furthermore, contrary to many other e cig brands, Eversmoke doesn’t limit its customers to a single, monotonous battery color. Rather, it provides you with three different colors to choose from. These include white, black, and stainless steel.

E Liquid Flavors of EverSmoke eCigarettes

The name of the flavors offered by Eversmoke ecig might be different but they have the same taste as that of its sister brand, South Beach. The most appreciated flavors of the company are Tobacco Classic and Tobacco Gold.

Many smokers say that since Eversmoke is a new name in the market, it is ideal for those who have recently switched to or started with electronic cigarettes.


All about Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarette Components

Amongst the exploding public health debates, the one that has gained a lot of popularity in the past 3 to 4 years is the usage of electronic cigarettes, which are sometimes referred to as ecigarettes, smokeless cigarettes, or ecig. Generally defined, Electronic Cigarettes are considered as an alternative and comparatively less harmful way of consuming nicotine.

However, despite seeking so much public attention, eCigarettes are still not widely acceptable throughout the world. One of the main causes for this reaction of the people is the fact that they are not well aware of the basics, usage, and effectiveness of this unique product in reducing nicotine consumption. In order to help you out, in this article, we are going to discuss all the essential details about Electronic Cigarettes. Read on to discover more about them.

What Are Electronic Cigarettes?

Basically, electronic cigarettes are narrow cylindrical pipe-like devices that are powered by a battery. These ecigarettes give the same effect as that of a conventional cigarette by using vaporized liquid nicotine. However, unlike a typical cigarette, they don’t produce any smoke, fire, or smell. These electric cigarettes come in different sizes and shapes, and some are even similar in appearance to regular cigarettes.

How Does An Electronic Cigarette Work?

The working of electronic cigarette is the reason why these smoking devices are considered less harmful than conventional cigarettes. When a smokers inhales from the mouthpiece of an ecig, the liquid nicotine in the cartridge turns into vapors and flows through a tube to the person’s mouth. In this way, the smoker enjoys the same effect as that of a regular cigarette without burning any nicotine.

How Effective Are Electronic Cigarettes At Avoiding Nicotine?

One substantial reason why most cigarette smokers switch to electronic cigarette is because eCigarettes help reduce the amount of nicotine consumed by a person each day. However, as some people get hooked to the nicotine of ecig too, even though they have never smoked a typical cigarette in their life.

These were some basic details about electronic cigarette. What are your thoughts about this device?


American Made Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarette
Smoking eCigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes were first invented by the Chinese a few decades ago, and soon they became famous all over the globe. Today, a number of people, especially teenagers, are switching from conventional cigarettes to ecig to reduce their nicotine consumption.

With the increasing popularity and widespread use of electronic devices for smoking, their manufacturing has also spread to several other parts of the world. Today, the United States too, has become a hub that manufactures ecigarettes of various quality, designs, and prices.

Electronic Cigarettes manufactured in America are not only available in different flavors, but they also have several other improved features, which have gained them a lot of popularity even outside the US. The eCigarettes manufactured here give a steady voltage of 3.7 volts, which is rarely found in Chinese ecig. This happens because the batteries of these cigarettes are made using high-end magnesium and lithium. Furthermore, these advanced ecig also provide smokers with the option to change the voltage to enhance the flavor and quantity of the e liquid smoked.

Now that we have discussed several positive features of American made electronic cigarettes, it is time to talk about some leading brands that are known for manufacturing these supreme quality devices and delivering a breathtaking experience.

·        ProVape ProVari Electronic Cigarettes

The ProVari is considered as one of the best Electronic Cigarettes brand in the United States. With the help of its voltage boosters, you can set its output voltage between 2.9 and 6 volts. The total capacity of its battery is around 1100mAh. Along with the efficient functioning of its internal body, the external design of the ecig is also quite aesthetic. The ProVari ecig depict the company’s strict quality control as everything fits together perfectly. It is available in gold, chrome and black color.

·        Buzz Pro Electronic Cigarettes

The single battery of the Buzz Pro provides you with a voltage ranging between 3.3 and 5.5 volts, which is comparatively lower than The ProVari. Also, it has a simpler design, without any LED displays, and fits and finish that are more evident in The ProVari’s design. However, when it comes to price, these smoking devices are cheaper and more affordable than many other competing brands.

·        GLV – 3 Electronic Cigarettes

Great Lakes Vapor is quite fascinating in terms of its usage. This ecig can either be used as an ordinary cigarette or can be connected to its specialized box and then smoked. The small bottle in the box has the eliquid that is taken up by the coil and transported to the mouthpiece. GLV-3 doesn’t provide any range of voltages; rather, it limits smokers at 3.7, 5.0, and 6.0 volts.

Now that you know all the basic details about three leading Electronic Cigarette brands in America, select the one most suitable for you.


An Exquisite Choice – Optima Cigs eCigarettes

Smoking eCig

Why the eCigarettes were invented?

Puffing cigarettes in front of your friends might make you appear cooler, but it doesn’t minimize the injurious health risks associated with it. Each year, millions of people lose the battle of life due to the chronic diseases caused by smoking conventional cigarettes. This is because; it contains different types of carcinogens that lead to diseases like lung cancer, hypertension, and more. eCigarettes came out as an alternative to Cigarettes Smoking.

eCigarettes – A Smoking Alternative

However, in order to control the increasing number of deaths caused by this socially accepted drug, different alternatives have been launched in the market, which are comparatively less harmful and contain lower concentration of nicotine. The most effective among them is ecigarettes.

Basically, electronic cigarettes are narrow cylindrical devices that contain liquefied nicotine and are powered by a battery. eCig are known for giving the same effect and flavor as that of any ordinary cigarette by using the eliquid stored in their cartridge. However, contrary to conventional cigarettes, they don’t produce any fire or smell, and therefore, are less harmful. These electronic cigarette come in different designs, sizes and shapes, and some are even identical to regular cigarettes.

One of Best eCig Manufacturer

Like typical cigarettes, ecig are also manufactured by several different e cigarette brands. Optima electronic cigarettes is one of the leading brands that produces high-quality, non-flammable smoking solutions to enjoy nicotine’s exclusive flavor, without being exposed to injurious carcinogens. Smoking Optima ecig gives the same sensations as that of smoking an ordinary cigarette, which helps smokers to switch to it more easily.

As these eCigarettes have been manufactured using the most advanced technology, they have a longer battery life and enhanced stability of voltage. With the company signature vibrant blue crystal LED tip, you can enjoy its rich and thick flavors with ease.

Since the primary aim of the company is to motivate people to give up conventional smoking, currently it gives a 14-day free starter kit to the beginners who use it and decide whether it is up to the mark on not, and then switch to it. The basic starter kit comprises of 1 Optima cig, 1 USB charger, 1 hard pack case for Optima cigs 5 Cartridges filled with liquefied nicotine, and 1 owner’s manual.

eCigarettes not only minimize the risks of active smoking, but it also alleviates passive smoking. How? Since it doesn’t produce any smoke, smell or ashes, it doesn’t bother the person sitting next to you.


Two Things You Didnt Know About Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes
Use of eCig

It was back in the 1960s, when electronic cigarettes were first introduced in the market, but they didn’t do well until a decade ago. Today, in America alone, over 4 million people smoke battery powered eCigarettes, with around 250 brands selling eCig of different flavors all over the globe. The variety they provide is the main reason why such a large number of people, especially youngsters, are getting attracted towards this new trend.

Whether you have been smoking electronic cigarettes for the past few years or have recently switched to electronically modified nicotine devices, there are some facts about them that you might not know about. Here, we are going to talk about two ecigarettes related mindsets and are going to discuss how far they are valid.

1.     Is Electronic Cigarette Healthier than a Regular One?

When compared to a regular cigarette, it is quite evident that Electronic Cigarette do not burn any tobacco and therefore, produce no smoke and hazardous carcinogen that result in lung cancer. Due to this, smokers think that electronic cigarettes have no side effects and are completely safe to be used.

However, in actuality, these modern cigarettes do contain liquid nicotine that is vaporized to be inhaled by the smoker. Studies have proven that nicotine reacts with air in the atmosphere to produce carcinogens, which do not make ecigarettes risk-free.

2.     Do Electronic Cigarettes Help Quit Smoking?

The second important question that is raised for e cigarette brands is regarding its effectiveness to quit real smoking. Studies have shown that electronic smoking does help people minimize tobacco consumption, but it is not very effective against giving up on it completely. However, the major concern is for teenagers who get addicted to nicotine via eCig, eLiquid or v2 Cigs.

Follow the trends if you must, but be sure that you are making a well-aware choice by keeping the above points in mind!


e Cigarette Brands Recommended

e Cigarette Brands

Within a decade, e cigarette brands have managed to touch new heights of popularity among smokers. People who are trying to quit smoking or at least reduce their nicotine consumption believe that electronic cigarettes are quite an effective way to accomplish this target.

This increasing inclination of people towards e cigarette brands has given rise to its competition in this market as well. Every month, a new company takes part in the race by launching a new brand, with a wide range of flavors to offer. This increasing variety has left the consumers confused about which one to choose from the list.

When it comes to choosing  e cigarette brands, there are several factors that you should consider. However, the most essential among Electronic Cigarettes is the concentration of hazardous content in it. In order to help you to choose the best, here we are discussing the top three e cigarette brands that have been considered superior in terms of quality and taste.


So far, VaporFi is considered as the best brand in the market that comes with a wide range of refillable and tank styles. With improved taste and longer battery life, their recent model has received a lot of appreciation from the users.

V 2 Cigs

V 2 Cigs is the largest online repository for ecigarettes. With ecig of various shapes such as pen-style cigarettes, the brand is known for its high quality and same great taste.

Halo Cigs

Halo Cigs stand on the third position in our list for Electronic Cigarettes. These are sometimes referred to as the innovators in the market that have introduced new designs and modified flavors of vaporized nicotine. The company uses high quality nicotine in its cigarettes that is less prone to result in the formation of cancerous tumors in the lungs of the smokers.

Although these are the leading brands in the market, but there are many more to serve you, so make your pick wisely.



Are eCigarettes Effective?

Electronic Cigarette

For the past many years, people from different traditions have shown an inclination towards smoking tobacco and inhaling nicotine, which is a chemical known to relax the nerves and keep the mind more alert. However, due to the increasing number of hazardous diseases associated with it that kill around 6 million people worldwide, the leading health authorities all over the world, are trying to make people aware about the risks of smoking cigarettes.

Public Awareness about eCigarettes

Along with increasing public awareness, they are also looking for potential alternatives to minimize the use of cigarettes. eCigarettes are considered as an effective way to replace the conventional ones smoked by people of different ages. But the important question is, are electronic cigarettes actually effective?

Several different studies were conducted in different universities all over the globe to evaluate the effectiveness of this electronic smoking device. These researches revealed that smokers, who attempted to quit smoking on their own, using electronic cigarette only, were more successful than those who used other nicotine replacements, such as gums and patches.

How eCigarettes function

The reason for this success resides in the functioning of eCigarettes small device. Instead of burning tobacco packed in regular cigarettes, these ecig are activated by the heat produced by the battery installed in them. The heat produced by it, turns liquid nicotine into vapors that are passed through the internal body of the cigarettes and reach the mouthpiece, where the smokers put their mouth to inhale these vapors. These vapors give similar effects as that of a typical cigarette, without producing any smell or smoke.

Studies have proven that electronic cigarettes are more effective in reducing cravings for cigarettes and to overcome the withdrawal symptoms that one experiences after giving up on smoking.

However, the darker side of these researches has also brought the fact to light that due to the wide range of flavors available in eCigarettes, a lot of youngsters, especially teenagers, are getting attracted towards these nicotine filled devices. Although they have never smoked a regular cigarette before, due to peer pressure and other related factors, they are becoming addicted to electronic cigarettes.