If you’re one of the millions of smoker struggling to quit, it’s possible that you have a series of unsuccessful attempts behind you. It’s easy to get disappointed and stop trying to quit smoking after so many attempts, but you shouldn’t give up yet. As you may know, nicotine addiction is the strongest one, and studies show that it’s worse even than cocaine or heroin addiction, with the only difference that physical withdrawal symptoms aren’t that intense. That’s why it’s so hard to quit smoking and anyone who manages to do it has to go through a lot to succeed. One of the most popular methods in the last couple of years are electronic cigarettes, which appeared on the market in mid 2000s and took it by storm. Over the years there have been changes in the design and price, and now they’re sold online and available in a few simple steps. The main question here is whether electronic cigarettes are just another marketing trick to rip off millions of people, or could they actually help you get rid of the nicotine addiction?

The most common misconception about electronic cigarettes is that they’re 100% nicotine free. In fact, some of the electronic cigarettes contain even more nicotine than regular ones, because they’re made in 4 different nicotine level ranges: low, midrange, high, and extra high. Not all of these cigarettes are designed to help quit smoking, and some are marketed at people who aren’t ready to give up nicotine yet, but don’t want to deal with side effects like smoke or public smoking bans. That’s why some of the electronic alternatives have a high level of nicotine in them, but they still represent a better option because there is no tobacco smoke, which means no clothes or fingers smelling of nicotine or people complaining about second hand smoke. The other great advantage is that in most countries electronic cigarettes can be smoked in non smoking areas, although you have to keep in mind that some countries, Canada for example, have banned electronic cigarettes as well and treat them as regular ones.

Still, if you’re trying to quit smoking completely and not just cut back your daily intake, you can choose the low nicotine level electronic cigarettes, or the ones that claim to have no nicotine in them at all, although there actually are small traces of it that are considered negligible. While scientific studies haven’t yet proved the effectiveness of the electronic alternative, many ex smokers advocate them because they’re the next best thing to the real deal – without the side effects. The psychological effect of this method is probably the most important when it comes to quitting, and the electronic alternative is great because it still gives you the impression of smoking by letting you hold and inhale something resembling a real cigarette, unlike nicotine patches or supplements. The most important sidekick is your willpower, and if you’re determined to make it this time, you should give this method a try.